June 24, 2024

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Anna Eikendal, beaming beside her crystal bike Thibau Nys: "To the games in 2028? How cool could that be!"  |  Crystal bike 2021

Anna Eikendal, beaming beside her crystal bike Thibau Nys: “To the games in 2028? How cool could that be!” | Crystal bike 2021

Crystal bikeFrom 0 to 800 meters in 2 minutes and 14 seconds and a stone’s throw away. Anna Ekendal (19 years old) is more than the new half of Thibaut Ness. “Although I am afraid of bumping into him, did you see him break that treadmill into the container cup?”

By far, the youngest couple in the evening Crystal bike, literally and figuratively. Thibau Nys and Anna Eikendal found happiness together only a few months ago, and since then it’s been running like a train. He is the European champion in cycling among the promises and now for the second time the best young woman, she is the Dutch first in the 800m and 1500m in her age group.

“Although it’s been down a bit in recent months,” said the Dutchman from Rennen near Utrecht yesterday at the VTM premises. “Like Wout van Aert, I had appendicitis, and I hope to do some cross-country runs in Belgium and Holland this winter. Crazy man, I realized last week when I crossed the road that I’ve been spending more time with you than home lately.”

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It doesn’t bother Eikendal that she suddenly ends up in another world due to her relationship with Thibau Nys. “When I told my friends I was going to Belgium for a boy named Thibau Nys, they didn’t really know who I was talking about. Meanwhile, I actually came to watch some matches. I was there at Trent at the European Championships, and it was unbelievable. Then I cried like a little kid. (laughs at Thibao) You too, my dear?”

“I think he’s unique. He’s who he is and I think that’s great for the athlete and the person inside. A real tipo. What is my dream for an athlete? I’d like to try the Olympics. Paris is still very early, but I’m aiming for LA in 2028. Together with Tipo! How cool could that be!”

Our cycling chief thinks a second Kristallen Fiets race is worth too much for Van Aert: “The way Wout races, that’s what racing was invented for”

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‘Totally unexpected, but very happy’: Who is Thibau Nys’ new girlfriend, Anna Ekendall?

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