April 23, 2024

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Announced, the Yale Linus L2 slot with WiFi is getting Matter-over-Thread

Announced, the Yale Linus L2 slot with WiFi is getting Matter-over-Thread

Last year, you could read a review of the Yale Linus smart door lock on iCulture, which works with HomeKit as standard. The lock has many advantages, such as ease of installation and quick response time, but requires a separately available Yale bridge to get the most out of it. The new Yale Linus L2 lock promises improvements in this area. There's one drawback: It doesn't work with HomeKit out of the box.

The Yale Linus L2 slot has been announced

In terms of design, the new Linus L2 door lock has been slightly modified. There's now a battery cover on almost the entire front, instead of just a small circle at the bottom. The lock has also become slightly smaller, but operates with the same cylinders and door locks as the previous lock. But the biggest improvements are inside. The most important improvement is that the door lock has built-in WiFi. The previous generation Linus lock was Bluetooth-only and required pairing with a Yale bridge for external operation and faster response time. This bridge is no longer necessary now. The L2 also comes with a rechargeable battery, instead of four AA batteries.

Another plus is the included Yale Dot. This is a sensor that you can attach to the outside of a door, so you can unlock by holding your iPhone to it without having to open the app. This works via NFC. There is currently no support for Apple home keys in Wallet. In addition to the Yale Dot, you can also connect the pre-available keyboard to it.

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Using the Yale app, you can also set the lock to lock and unlock at certain times. You can choose to operate the lock with only the deadbolt during the day. There's currently no HomeKit support: the lock only works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be linked to Philips Hue. Yale promises that an update will be released later this year that will make the Linus L2 work with Matter-over-Thread, so the lock will still work with Apple HomeKit that way.

Yale Linus L2 with Yale Dot

The new Yale Linus L2 door lock is available starting today and at a cost 229 euros,-. This makes it cheaper than the first Linus bridge with the Yale Bridge. You can choose between the silver or black version. You'll soon be able to read a comprehensive review of the Yale Linus L2 lock on iCulture.