May 26, 2024

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“Another wave in the fall, living with the virus”

The UK As Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, it is preparing to “live together.” Virus“This is what emerges from the leaked document from government circles. Management needs a month to expedite the most vulnerable, give the youngest the first vaccination (starting at the age of eighteen) and protect nursing homes.Health Secretary Matt Hancock has actually decided to make vaccination compulsory for the staff of these companies, and the move was prompted by the National Health Organization (NHS).

Covid discovered the “Lambda variant” and the WHO agrees: “Now it’s interesting.” Identified in 29 countries

Meanwhile, a panel of experts is working hard and evaluating a series of recommendations to the government on how the country should live with the virus after July 19. Starting from work: In fact, it is recommended to extend homework as much as possible in the document. A position that will cause a lot of debate in the coming weeks.

As for the spacing of one meter, which is not mandatory during step 4, experts are reviewing the new rules to make closed spaces safer, first and foremost precision working spaces. Such as requests to offices to install ventilation systems to facilitate air exchange. Another hypothesis in the table is about masks, so they have been in use for a long time in some contexts.

Summer 2021, we have two foreign tourists for every Italian abroad: it is the season of restart

Autumn and winter are far away Absence of Govt: According to the document, in fact, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures regularly. First, according to scientists, the threat of a new wave is unlikely, especially if cold weather promotes indoor encounters where the virus can spread.

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Second, since the scenario of re-examining the health system is again a realistic concern, scientists want to avoid it by any means. In this regard, it is not good news for customers to worry about Plexiglas panels being implemented in many places, including restaurants and offices, to be securely hosted. According to experts, they prevent the spread of the virus, in fact, because they are at risk of supporting it, and if it is activated in the wrong way, as is often the case, they naturally prevent the recirculation of air. Therefore, a new measure involves the obligation to remove these barriers.

You may also need to change your general approach to common symptoms such as cough or fever and specific symptoms such as loss of taste and smell. Anyone with any of these disorders will need to isolate themselves at home until a test is underway to avoid the Govt infection, the draft says.

Not even good news for those who regularly travel abroad and the tourism industry. In fact, in order to avoid the spread of new variations, it is advisable to keep the isolation period in practice when returning.

They explain that no decision has been made on what will happen after July 19 and that it is not too early to make predictions. However, the scenarios described above speak for themselves: with Independence Day, the UK will not return to life before Govt-19.

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