May 24, 2024

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Antwerp lose points while visiting Charleroi

Antwerp lose points while visiting Charleroi

Royal Antwerp FC failed to win again after the demonstration against Standard. Against Charleroi he did not go beyond a draw. became 1-1.

After winning 2-5 last weekend, Royal Antwerp Start the match with great confidence, although the same can be said about Charleroi. The two teams also started with the same eleven and their ambition to reap the three points.

Both teams also looked for those great opportunities, but dirty football and a lot of turmoil made it difficult for Antwerp and Charleroi to reach the opponent’s goalkeeper. Charleroi managed to create the greatest danger to the cheers of the noisy crowd. A superb shot from Shamar Nicholson appeared to give the first goal, but Jan Botiz kept it wide.

There was no question about Frey, who scored five goals last weekend against Charleroi. The home team did not give any space to the attacker and made it impossible for him to create scoring chances. However, he got help from his friend Victor Fischer, who managed to score 0-1 for Antwerp from nowhere and reverse the match.

Antwerp started the second half without striker Michael Frey and more motivated to attack. help no. Charleroi remained the better team and saw being rewarded. After a misjudgment by Botitz, the ball reached Zaarouri. He managed to equalize just before the hour.

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But the visitors did not feel this equalizer and won the three points. Peter Jerkins was close, but bumped into the Charleroi goalkeeper. However, the Carolo family was not indifferent and also tried to prick her now and then. However, it looked like we were going to end the match in a draw.

We didn’t receive a final wave of attack from either team, although Johannes Eggstein was close to making up for the last goal. The goal did not come. Chris Pedia managed to hit the post in the last minute, but did not help Charleroi in that win. 1-1 left.

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