July 22, 2024

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Apple shows strangers’ photos to iCloud users

Apple shows strangers’ photos to iCloud users

Those who use iCloud on Windows will see strangers’ photos. Apple won’t really take any action.

Many iCloud users on Windows report seeing photos that are not theirs at all. It seems that apple Somehow it shows photos of other iCloud users. In addition, users are complaining that the videos are corrupted.

Apple is still silent

The problem doesn’t seem to affect everyone and only affects iCloud for Windows users, but in the meantime enough complaints have been popping up online to indicate that the problem isn’t an isolated one. There seems to be a relationship between the corrupted video files and the photos issue. according to Macrumors They appear after watching the affected videos.

At Apple, the silence remains deafening for the time being. The company, which presents itself as a reliable partner where privacy is paramount, also does not seem to respond to individual complaints.

irresponsible bug

The allegations are troubling. The error indicates that there is something seriously wrong with Apple’s architecture for iCloud. Now it’s about photos, but if this issue occurs, it’s about how safe other files are in the Apple cloud. The issue illustrates the seriousness of the cloud and the limited control you have when something goes wrong.

It’s not entirely clear where exactly the other images come from. If they are indeed photos from third-party private iCloud accounts, Apple has some explaining to do.

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