February 28, 2024

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Apple stopped this tradition after 12 years (iPhone News #1)

Apple stopped this tradition after 12 years (iPhone News #1)

Apple has broken with tradition after twelve years, and the second beta of iOS 17.3 is causing problems. This and more was the most important Apple and iPhone news this week!

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After 12 years, Apple stopped this tradition


If you look at the history of Apple products, you'll immediately notice the regular updates to the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. But for the first time since the launch of the iPad, Apple is not releasing a new version in 2023. Fortunately, that will change in 2024!

Where are the iPads?

The second beta of iOS 17.3 has been released – but there's a big problem

iOS 17.3 Beta 2

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 17.3 to developers, but you probably shouldn't install it on your iPhone just yet. The update causes major problems among iPhone users! This is what happens.

Problems with iOS 17.3

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The iPhone 16 Pro models will be much larger: we already know that

iPhone 16 Pro is larger

Since the introduction of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple has not significantly adjusted the screen sizes of the various iPhone models. This will change with the iPhone 16 series, which will be launched in 2024.

Bigger screens?

I wish I had known this Dynamic Island trick sooner

Dynamic island trick

Dynamic Island on iPhone 15 (Plus), iPhone 15 Pro (Max), and iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has many functions. You can use it to track your times, your current music, the pizza you ordered, the score of a soccer match, and much more. But there's another dynamic island trick you can use!

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Get more from the dynamic island

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ChatGPT 4 for free: Microsoft Copilot is now available on your iPhone

Microsoft Copilot

In 2023, AI applications are popping up like mushrooms. Microsoft introduced Bing, a chatbot that verifies online information in real time. But now Microsoft is launching Copilot, an application that combines the most important functions of all those applications. The app is available on both iPhone and iPad.

Want to use GPT 4 for free?

The leaked image shows the HomePod prototype with the display

HomePod with screen

Rumors that Apple is working on a HomePod with a display continue to spread. The leaked image now shows a HomePod prototype with a real screen on top. Moreover, one of the features of iOS 17 is a clearer indication of the presence of a HomePod with a display. Would you like to read along?

This is the prototype of the HomePod

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iPhone 15 or iPhone 16: These will be the biggest differences

Pick up iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 will be released this year and due to all the rumors we already have an idea about the new phone. That's why we've listed for you the biggest differences between iPhone 15 and iPhone 16!

All the differences between iPhone 15 and 16

This is the most popular phone ever (and no, it's not an iPhone)

iPhone 6s is popular

A large number of new phones are released every year. For example, both Samsung and Apple release new devices every year, but which is the most popular phone of all? Now we finally have an answer, as a list has been published that includes an overview of the best-selling phones of all time.

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What is the most popular phone?

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