April 16, 2024

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Apple Watch Series 6 op Black Friday voor een schijntje te koop

Apple Watch Series 6 on Black Friday for a pittance on sale

It’s the “old” model, but it still works fine. Apple Watch Series 6 is on sale this Black Friday (before) at a great price.

Are you a fan of the latest, fastest and most beautiful? Then this article is not for you. However, for those who just want a good deal for a great piece of technology, yes. The An apple You can buy Watch Series 6 in different stores at a good price.

Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday

Black Friday It happened to explode from America. It is the fourth Thursday of November and falls after Thanksgiving. After that, many Americans are free and shops are responding intelligently to this. That’s when the Christmas shopping begins. A combination that makes a lot of people go shopping. Here in the Netherlands, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we’re into bargains. Stores are already off, while it’s not the fourth Thursday of the month. But who cares, show is show.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has arrived, but only minor changes have been made. That still makes the 6 a very good device. Especially for the prices at which they are currently sold.


Amazon is the first and somewhat exciting. There are a number of colors to choose from, but ride is cheaper. If you choose the 44mm version, you are currently paying €309. This is a saving of 150 euros. Still, it’s nice to have. Other colors are also available, such as white, blue, and pink. Surprisingly, prices vary. We will deal with this question. Intelligence It costs 349 euros, pink 369 euros and blue 379 euros. These prices are still well below the suggested retail price.

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40mm models are also cheaper. The watches are a little smaller, and so is the price. The red version is 289 euros, the blue 349 euros and the white 379 euros.