April 16, 2024

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Are you also afraid of merging on the highway?  This is how you get rid of your fear of driving |  Sentences

Are you also afraid of merging on the highway? This is how you get rid of your fear of driving | Sentences

Most motorists drive smoothly through traffic, but for some people, this is a very stressful activity every time. This is due to a fear of driving or vehicular phobia. Drivers are often afraid of merging on the highway in particular.

Jehophobia literally means: the fear of driving a car yourself. One of the most stressful activities for motorists is merging on the highway in the midst of oncoming traffic. Police officers in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia once described this as “one of the greatest mysteries in human history” on their agency’s Facebook page. In Germany they even came up with a separate term for it:German fear“.

Especially during road works, slip ways on the highway are a disaster for some. The lanes are often narrow and the length of the merging lane is also often shortened. Thousands of motorists face this seemingly insurmountable challenge every day.

Tips for getting rid of your fear of driving

With a few tips, you can face the fear of the trail. First of all, according to the police, you have to give it a lot of gas on the entry lane, and therefore don’t dive into the first pothole you see on the motorway at 60 kilometers per hour. For your reassurance: you can even overtake cars or trucks on the right here.

The second tip is: check the mirrors several times and then over your shoulder to make sure there is no one next to you, then put the turn signal and steer gently to the left. Please note: Highway traffic always has priority, so you can’t throw your car in between. However, in many cases, other motorists give way automatically.

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Learn to merge on the highway

Another interesting point: pressure does not apply here, so take a look when there is a gap in the traffic flow. Top tip: don’t stress! According to the officers, there is no abyss at the end of the entry path. If you don’t find room to incorporate, you can simply use the hard shoulder. You can’t be fined for that.

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