June 24, 2024

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Argenta's new CEO |  Economie

Argenta’s new CEO | Economie

Peter Dillis will be the new CEO of Argenta. He will succeed Mark Lawers at the beginning of next year at the head of the bank’s insurance company. Argenta Banking and Insurance Group boards have unanimously named Devlies as the next CEO, but regulators have yet to approve the appointment.

Devlies have been in the banking sector for nearly twenty years. Until December last year, he was CEO of AXA Bank Belgium. Prior to that, he was an Executive Director at J. Van Breda & C° Bank and ABK Bank.

Lawers’ term ends at the beginning of 2023, and until then he will remain CEO. In September 2016, he became the head of the Antwerp Financial Group, known by the slogan “Green Apple”. “Over the past six years, Lauwers has led Argenta through a successful transformation from a savings bank to a fully integrated multi-pillar banking insurance company. Argenta has experienced particularly strong growth in recent years. We have become the second bank for individuals and families in Flanders,” he says. Chairman Mark Van Hill in the press release.

The exact date of the caliphate is not yet known. Argenta concludes that it depends on the amount of time the supervisors need.