December 4, 2022

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Arnaud Demarie confirms his quick dominance in the Giro with his third win |  Giro d'Italia 2022

Arnaud Demarie confirms his quick dominance in the Giro with his third win | Giro d’Italia 2022

Giro d’Italia: Stage 13

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your location 13 Q36: sanremo 5.15 pm: Kuni



Arnaud Démare (Groupama-FDJ) took his third stage win at this Giro in Cuneo. He was a little faster than Phil Bauhaus and Mark Cavendish. The escapees were caught only in the last kilometer.

Jiro thirteenth stage in a nutshell:

  • Today’s winner: The sprinting teams had to pull out all the stops to catch the four Separatists early. The peloton also succeeded in the last meters. Groupama-FDJ started the race and Arnaud Démare finished it all. It’s his third victory in this Giro.
  • loser today: It sounded good for a long time for 4 of the first runaways. Pascal Einkorn, Julius van den Berg, Nicholas Prudhomme and Mirco Maestre chose the ride early in the race. They had a solid lead and had a chance to decide to win against each other. In the last kilometers there was a lack of cooperation. Van den Berg slipped away, but the unicorn brought him back. Then the peloton climbed and over the leading group.
  • Today’s unlucky bird: Romain Bardet (DSM) had to leave the Giro today. The Frenchman fell ill during the 12th stage yesterday, and things got worse last night. Early in the thirteenth stage, he threw in the towel. He finished fourth in the general classification, 14 seconds behind leader Juan Pedro Lopez.
  • tomorrow: The fourteenth stage of the gyro is one for men of the rating. Tomorrow there are 5 times climb in the program.

  1. 4 pm 56. Top Ten of Stage 13. 1. Arnaud Demarie 2. Phil Bauhaus 3. Marc Cavendish 4. Fernando Gaviria 5. Alberto Denizi 6. Simon Consone 7. Dries de Bondt 8. Giacomo Nizzolo 9. Andrea Vendram 10. Tobias Bayer.
  2. 4 pm 56. Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain Victorious) and Mark Cavendish (Quick Step Alpha Vinyl) complete the stage. †
  3. 4 pm 54. Arnaud Demarie races to win his third Giro of the year! The leading group has yet to take the lead in the last few metres. Put the Groupama-FDJ in the sprint race for his runner and Dimari completed the mission with flying colors. It is Demir’s third victory in this Giro. †
  4. 4 p.m. 53. Sprint. Groupama-FDJ kicks off the Démare Race. †
  5. 16 hours 52. Leading group caught in the last meters! †
  6. last kilometer. The unicorn immediately launched a counterattack and closed the gap. They don’t work together in the last kilometer. † 4 PM 52.
  7. 4 p.m. 51. Julius van den Berg shakes a gear from his legs. & nbsp; †
  8. 4 pm 51. Unicorn does not give up the lead. He is eager to win. †
  9. 4 pm 51. In the lead group, they looked at each other. This way the pace goes up a bit. Peloton can be availed now! †
  10. 16 hours 50. 23 seconds. They still have a 23sec lead with 2km to go. †
  11. It’s 16:50. Unicorn speeds up its pace. He tries to crush the peloton in the last kilometers. †
  12. 4 pm. 49. The peloton raced through the streets of Cuneo like a bullet train. They can smell the top four, but can they also catch them from the back of the neck to the line? †
  13. 16 hours 48. Stress rises. Less than 5 kilometers left. Leading group leadership is shrinking. 35 seconds left. Is that enough to keep the peloton away and hinder the runners’ chances? †
  14. 16 hours 46. The last two kilometers is a bit uphill. Is this the culprit of the leadership group later? †
  15. 16 hours 45. 7 kilometers. They’re still good up front. They squeeze everything they have left of their legs to remove the bag. & nbsp; †
  16. 4 pm 43. Mauro Schmid (Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl) leads the pack for Cavendish. †
  17. 16 hours 41. Less than a minute. It will be tight. With 10 kilometers left on the road, the first four splits still had a minute ahead. They are now trending strong in the peloton. †
  18. 1’21”. The peloton comes very close. Suddenly the lead group has a 1’21” lead with 11km to go. & nbsp; † 4 pm 39.
  19. 4 pm 37.
  20. 16 hours 36. In the leading group, they should not begin to speculate, because then it can stop. Driving fast is the message and then they have a chance to win big in Cuneo. †
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