April 16, 2024

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Artist Jeff Koons launched his artwork on the moon, immersing himself in the world of NFT

Artist Jeff Koons launched his artwork on the moon, immersing himself in the world of NFT

American artist Jeff Koons aims at the moon. Literally, because the world-famous plastic artist sends some of his work to the orb. The stunt is part of a promotion for Koons’ embrace of NFT hype.

Jeff Koons, decorator of whimsical nativity scenes, massive sculptures of balloon animals and Michael Jackson, takes his career to a new level. And the artist announced in a video message on Twitter that his latest project is called phases of the moon It sends several small images in a satellite to the moon. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the respective images will also be auctioned.

“historical significance”

“I wanted to create a historically significant NFT project, a project that traces its origins to a humanistic and philosophical train of thought,” explains the ambitious Koons. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity. Space exploration has given perspective on our ability to rise above limits here on Earth. These ideas are also central to my NFT project.”

It is not yet known exactly what the works will look like. What is certain is that the statues with the help of a space company Intuitive machines It will land on the moon in July. Digital artwork will be sent via pes gallery The auction and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

The real scoop for a Belgian

“They will be the first authorized artworks on the lunar landscape, where they will remain forever,” said Jack Fisher, Vice President of Intuitive Machines. But Koons’ pictures won’t be the only works of art that will remain on the moon’s surface until the end of days, a first for a Belgian artist.

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In 1971, Belgian artist Paul van Hooydonk presented his artwork to the astronauts of the Apollo 15 mission The fallen astronaut for along way. American astronaut David Scott took the 8.5 cm statue depicting an astronaut and a memorial plaque with him in his country Personal preference set† Therefore, the statue did not land on the moon with NASA approval. The fallen astronaut It is a memorial to the 14 astronauts and astronauts who are known to have died during a space mission. Their names are engraved on the commemorative plaque.

sculpture The fallen astronaut The commemorative plaque accompanying Paul van Hoydonk on the moon’s surface – Photo: ISOPIX

The Belgian was the only artwork on the moon, but that solitary setting would soon be over with the arrival of (possibly expensive) Jeff Koons statues. Koons’ down-to-earth work makes the artist praised and despised by the art world. In 2019 it became his business rabbit Sold at Christie’s for $91 million. Thus Koons’ work surpassed that of the British painter David Hockney as he paid the record price for the work of a surviving artist.