February 28, 2024

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As expected, Biden wins the South Carolina Democratic primary by a wide margin  USA 2024

As expected, Biden wins the South Carolina Democratic primary by a wide margin USA 2024

After his projected victory, Biden reflected in a statement on the 2020 primary in South Carolina, when the support of Black voters in particular in the state breathed new life into his campaign. “In 2020, it was South Carolina voters who helped us get to the presidency. “Now in 2024, the voters of South Carolina are making their voices heard again, and I have no doubt that they have put us back on the path to the presidency,” 81-year-old Trump said, referring to Donald Trump’s victory in November. It will make me a “loser” again. Trump beat Biden in South Carolina during the 2020 election.

During the primaries, Americans get to vote on who their party's nominee for president will be. Victories in states win candidates the support of so-called delegates. These are the people who represent their state or territory at the Democratic Party convention in August. The presidential candidate will then be formally appointed there. Biden is running for re-election and is seen as an almost certain winner.

This was the first time Democrats started a primary in South Carolina. This state is seen as more diverse than the states that traditionally rank first. The choice for South Carolina was poor in the state of New Hampshire, where the Democratic primaries were held last month. It was not recognized by the Democratic Party and Biden was not on the ballot either. Because voters could also add a name to their ballot, the incumbent president won.

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