May 26, 2024

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Voormalige presidentskandidaat Wit-Rusland gevangengenomen

Asks US diplomatic presence in Belarus …

Belarus has asked the United States to reduce its diplomatic presence in the United States. The question comes in response to the new US sanctions against President Alexander Lukashenko’s dictatorial regime.

We propose to Americans limit the number of embassy staff to five by September 1, “said Anoly Klaus, a spokeswoman for Belarusian Foreign Ministry. He added that US sanctions were “openly hostile”.

A year after Belarus’s controversial presidential election and the suppression of a historic anti-government movement, Washington tightened sanctions on Monday.

“Washington is looking to cut all parts of the cooperation and paralyze our country’s economy. We do not see an objective reason for having so many staff at the U.S. embassy,” Klaus said.

Belarus withdraws agreement to appoint Julie Fisher as US ambassador Fisher was nominated earlier this year, but was never able to take his position.

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