April 21, 2024

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AstroWorld Festival drama claims the ninth victim |  Abroad

AstroWorld Festival drama claims the ninth victim | Abroad

AstroWorldA 22-year-old student who was seriously injured has died at the AstroWorld Festival in Houston, Texas. This makes the young woman the ninth death. Panic erupted last Saturday during a performance by American rapper Travis Scott, when a crowd of about 50,000 people suddenly moved en masse towards the stage. As a result, many people were run over.

22-year-old student Bharti Shahani died in hospital from her injuries on Wednesday. Shahani studied at A&M University in Texas. She attended the concert with her niece and younger sister. “She was a very good sister, daughter, and student,” said attorney James Lasseter. The victim’s mother responded succinctly during a press conference. The woman pointed to her heart and said, “What happened to her?” I want my treasure back. I’m empty here.”

Nine people have already died as a result of the chaos at the music festival. The youngest victim was only 14 years old, and the oldest was 27. 9-year-old Ezra Blount is still in a coma after suffering brain injuries and problems with his lungs, liver and kidneys. Hundreds of others were injured at the festival, including about 25 seriously injured.

The empty stage of the AstroWorld Festival, a few days after the drama. © Reuters

fifty complaints

The number of complaints after the drama continues to rise. For example, according to the American media company CNN, so far 58 charges have been filed against Travis Scott, rapper Drake – who came as a surprise during the performance – and festival organizer, Live Nation. The organizers are accused of taking insufficient security measures and that the party was stopped too late.

Scott has since apologized and taken to social media to say he “ruined” the incident. The investigation into the festival drama, as well as into Scott’s role, is still ongoing. Moreover Rumor has it that some festival-goers were injected with Narcan under investigation.

Local Police Chief Troy Wiener said the investigation could take “weeks, possibly months”. The police are now interviewing many eyewitnesses and watching video footage of the dramatic evening.

Check out what happened at the AstroWorld Festival here:

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