March 4, 2024

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Augmented reality glasses?  Depends on appearance

Augmented reality glasses? Depends on appearance

Oppo comes with new augmented reality glasses. It reminds us of Google Glass. Eyeglasses that haven’t been a hit after all, partly for privacy reasons and the fact that they might not have been the most stylish frame. How is that now? in our poll we asked Whether Androidworld readers will put augmented reality glasses on their noses. the answer? Only if the price and appearance are right.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The main difference between augmented reality and virtual reality is that augmented reality is just a layer over the real world while virtual reality puts you in a completely virtual world. This is why virtual reality glasses are often a type of closed ski goggles and augmented reality glasses are a type of reading glasses that has gotten out of hand. In short, they are both completely different in appearance.

Appearance seems to be an important factor anyway, because our survey, in which we asked if you’d wear augmented reality glasses on your nose, shows that looks and price make all the difference. Fifty-three percent of people who answered the survey said they might, but it depends on the price and appearance of the glasses, among other things. 30 percent don’t like it: “No, just act normal, you’re already acting crazy enough.” However, 11 percent are also willing to be among the first to go around with augmented reality goggles. 6 per cent do not know.

Horror film

It is clear that no one is not in the latter category, because he knows very well what he wants: Nobody: “No, and if someone wants to start a conversation with me, they should also stop this thing.” Joe is happy and also gives us movie tip: _ Atmosphere_: “I recently watched a horror movie on Netflix or Amazon. Baitul Maqdis. It was shot entirely using Google Glass and only saw the benefits. I would have known it in 2013. Now I see it. Navigate…. Meet people and see their data live via Facebook etc. Like. So something like that.”

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Rudy Abbey takes a more practical look at everything. ruddy: Do they also have prescription lenses? Of course it wouldn’t suit me otherwise.” Now we don’t know the strength of Rudy, but Oppo will get to the strength, so you can have a good look and also with additional information. But yes, now that price.

We’ll be back with you next week with another survey, see you then!