February 21, 2024

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Australië wijst in duikbootaffaire op hulp aan Frankrijk tijdens wereldoorlogen

Australia points to France’s assistance in the submarine affair

Australia has already shown during the two world wars that it is a friend of France. Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the country no longer had to prove it was committed to “the freedom and equality of France”. For example, he responded to French anger at the military alliance that the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia had entered into.

Tens of thousands of Australians perished on French soil or while protecting French territory from neighboring countries. “In both World War I and World War II,” Deputy Prime Minister Joyce said. He acts as Acting Prime Minister while Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits the United States as part of the coalition. The military agreement, dubbed AUKUS, means that the US and UK will help Australia build a nuclear submarine fleet. That’s why a multibillion-dollar plan to buy French submarines is now in the trash.

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The conflict over submarines escalated. French President Emmanuel Macron recalled his ambassadors from Australia and the United States. It is also said that France canceled a summit with the UK defense minister. President Macron will hold telephone consultations with US President Biden.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to calm the row on Sunday. He said the UK and France had a “very friendly relationship”. According to the British Prime Minister, this is also “of great importance”. He stressed that the American University of Kosovo does not aim to exclude countries. “No one should worry about that. Especially not our French friends.”

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