June 24, 2024

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Barely 1% of Netflix users play Netflix games

Barely 1% of Netflix users play Netflix games

A few months ago, Netflix launched its own game catalog. It contains various video games based on series and movies that can be found on Netflix. But numbers from Apptopia now show that a very small portion of Netflix subscribers use Netflix Games.

Since the end of last year, streaming service Netflix has also been offering video games. Anyone with a Netflix subscription can play these games for free. But now it turns out that it is not very popular with Netflix users.

Netflix games

Netflix introduced Netflix games in November 2021. These are games made by Netflix, but they can be played via separate apps. These apps are free for Netflix subscribers. Meanwhile, it is about 24 matches. This is from a classic version Mahjongto me . game cats explode And a video game around Weird things. Netflix hopes to increase the number of games to 50 before the end of the year.

But at the moment, Netflix games don’t really seem to engage users. According to the numbers, Apptopia, an app analytics company CNBC can look atshe Netflix game apps It has been downloaded 23.3 million times worldwide. But on average, only 1.7 million users open these apps every day. That’s less than 1 percent of total Netflix subscribers (221 million).


Things haven’t been going well for Netflix lately. After broadcast service in The first quarter of 2022 lost subscribers for the first timeit must also be done after Measurement of loss in the second quarter. This was a bigger loss than in the first quarter. Then Netflix lost about 200,000 users, and now it’s over a million users.

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Netflix hopes to change direction, in part by expanding Netflix games. In addition, it also Trying to do something about passing passwords. Finally, there will be next year too Cheaper subscription Coming from Netflix where users will see ads between the series and movies they are watching.