May 24, 2024

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Barn's concert choir is currently rehearsing at Die Openhof

Barn’s concert choir is currently rehearsing at Die Openhof

Barn’s concert choir has begun rehearsals for the new season. Since the end of July, the choir has been rehearsing in the church hall of De Open Hof in Soest. The Choir Board has decided to remain in this church hall until the concert scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2021.

“The most important reason is that the PNB church, the White Church in Barn, is too small for the choir, and we don’t want to split the choir or start working on the recording system (first come, first sings),” the president said. Yvonne Van Bommel. In this space we can also easily apply Corona measures.

The choir setting is 1.5 meters away and the doors are opened during the recess to freshen the air. Furthermore, the choir members are asked not to all go for coffee at the same time and especially to keep their distance.”

The choir has yet to get used to the acoustics of the hall. “With the song ‘Gloria’ by Vivaldi and ‘Dixit Dominos’ by Galopi, which we will be performing in November, you have to express the text very well in these phonemes and also feel the Italian mood very well,” says conductor Anthony Schaeffer.

The concert will take place at the De Open Hof since there is enough space for the choir, orchestra and audience. The plan is to have two parties: a morning party and an evening concert.

For this project we are looking for a substance to strengthen the choir. For more information you can contact Secretary Anneke Kole tel no. 033-299 93 45 or via the website

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Although the procedures have become more flexible, the Council is closely following developments in the field of Corona with regard to events.