April 22, 2024

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"Batman" is desperate and not much better than a serial killer

“Batman” is desperate and not much better than a serial killer

Warner Bros. The United Kingdom has released a new brief on Matt ReevesBatman It evokes the existence of a frustrated and desperate Dark Knight.

The new synopsis makes it clear that this version of The Batman will be very cool. Someone who seems to have lost it completely, even more so than some of his previous incarnations.

trailer Batman Already led to speculation that Robert Patterson that distance The Batman version is more violent than we’re used to. The latest trailer, in particular, showed Batman struggling to hold back while fending off the deadly Riddler.

This is more clear from the new summary:

Batman is a thriller and action packed movie that shows Batman in his early years. He struggles to balance his anger with justice as he investigates a startling mystery that terrorizes Gotham. Robert Pattinson presents a raw, intense version of Batman – a disillusioned, desperate Ranger who begins to realize that the rage that consumes him doesn’t make him any better than the ruthless serial killer who haunts him.”

This internal struggle of Batman is clearly more central than we are used to from previous incarnations.

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