March 4, 2024

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Behind that door, Wout van Aert is building the perfect cycling suit for Olympic success

Behind that door, Wout van Aert is building the perfect cycling suit for Olympic success

Yesterday Wout van Aert posted a photo on Instagram of a closed door on the brand new bike path in Zolder. Behind that door the Supreme Knight was working during his trial. With his eye on the Olympics, he laid the foundation for the ultra-modern time-tested suit.

Wout van Aert has worked on the Zolder cycling track with Belgium Cycling, Team Belgium and Bioracer, a leading manufacturer of cycling suits.

Bioracer has previously helped Tony Martin and Filippo Ganna capture time trial world titles, and last year Remco Evenpoel captured the company's rainbow jersey from Tessenderlo.

“We try to wrap the rider in the most aerodynamic fabric,” says VRT NWS CEO Danny Segers of late.

After 50 or 60 times in a trial mode, the rider gets tired. Using the dummy we can test the suits more often.

Danny Seagers

In order to be able to tailor those suits perfectly – every millimeter too much means lost time – the Belgian cycling company has life-sized dummies made of Evenepoel and Van Aert.

Yesterday it was up to Van Art to transform his body into a mannequin. “We scan the passenger and put them in 3D,” Segers explains.

“This way we can test more often than the rider alone. After 50 or 60 times in a time trial situation, he gets tired.”

Woot Fan Art

Woot van Aart with the national team.

“Wearing a suit is not allowed.”

Remco Evenepoel

Remco Evenepoel in the Bioracer National Trial suit.

Remco Evenepoel opts for a time trial version with very short sleeves. This is allowed, long tubes are not. Bioracer is not given carte blanche.

“No, definitely not,” Segers says. “We can design suits with full leg warmers or even full underwear. Then riders can do better.”

What is not allowed. “The UCI monitors developments so as not to harm emerging cycling nations, and prioritizes rider strength.”

The date is Saturday, July 27 for the Olympic Time Trial in Paris.