April 15, 2024

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Belgian bug bounty company wants to expand into Asia and the US with €21m – Computer – News

In this case there is absolutely no problem that they are doing it as a hobby?

We also use Intigriti to test our (publicly available) apps, apps, and sites that we (to my knowledge) are fully satisfied with.

You can agree very clearly on scope, amounts, technical issues, what is and is not allowed to be done, …

When you hire a company that hires few consultants with few expensive tools for x number of days, with average pentest, you can get long term tests done in Intigriti, by many different people.

With such a test/audit, you would quickly lose thousands of Euros for a few days of consulting and reporting, with Intigriti only an agreed-upon amount for every bug it finds. You can then select price categories based on how serious those categories are.

And those guys could safely be the 18-year-old IT student in the attic who used to do it as a hobby and now only have a chance to make something out of it. These people are often better at this than the average audit firm.

A mixed bag, yes. From hobbyist to professionals who have been working abroad for a while.

Within Belgium, Intigriti is very big with clients such as DPG, Flemish Government, VRT, KU Leuven, Nexuzhealth, Randstad, Brussels Airlines…

An example of this which is now #1 in the rating: https://app.intigriti.com/profile/isira_adithya

Only a 17 year old guy from Sri Lanka, but he is excellent at what he does. It’s not even the smallest party that he finds bugs.

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