February 27, 2024

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Belgian cyclo-cross riders stay away from the US because of a strike

Belgian cyclo-cross riders stay away from the US because of a strike

The Belgian Circus-ReUz-Technonrd has decided not to travel to Waterloo, USA in the context of the Cyclo-Cross World Cup. Bart and Geert Wellens' creation doesn't make the long journey for one simple reason. “Very simple. Cost.”

Sub-topper Gerben Kuybers' side Circus-Reuse-Technoord will not participate in the World Cup round in Waterloo, USA. The satellite group of Intermarché-Circus-Wanty could not justify the high costs, but did not think that avoiding the competition would be disastrous.

“To miss this cross is not a disaster,” said Bart Wellens Cycling news. “Quinton Hermans didn't go to the U.S. last year either, and he finished eighth in the World Cup. Then there were two U.S. World Cups, and now you only lose points once.”


The Belgian organization understands why other teams travel to the US, but the UCI has some criticism. “As the UCI, you can organize cross-country races anywhere, but if the riders have to finance themselves, it becomes difficult. Especially if you don't have international sponsors.

“That's the big difference for the Sven Nice team, who will be racing next to sponsor Trek Factory on Sunday. They'll welcome the adventure.” So Wellens hopes the UCI will focus on races on European soil.

“You have so many beautiful crosses there that are still few and far between. Certainly not in Flanders, because the game is still popular here. But Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, to name a few. There are also great competitions and incentive systems.”

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