April 21, 2024

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Belgium allowed to go to the European Championship after a difficult draw in Denmark |  European football under 21

Belgium allowed to go to the European Championship after a difficult draw in Denmark | European football under 21



Bravo, Belgian Promises. Our national under-21 team is sure of the European Championship after a difficult draw in Denmark. Lois Openda was the famous man again, with his seventh goal in this campaign. The striker scored the decisive result 1-1 after the hosts took the lead.

The heyday of Belgian football is still small. The Red Devils (currently) beat Burkina Faso, but above all: with U17 and U21, two future generations are allowed to go to the European Championship.

This is an exceptional achievement, especially with promises. It is only the fourth time in history that the Belgians have managed to qualify for the final tournament.

As well as the manner in which it was punished. The Belgians entered the match against main rival Denmark with a score of 18 out of 18 and barely one goal.

no gifts

So a draw in Scandinavia was enough to ensure a ticket to the 2023 European Championships in Romania and Georgia before the last day of the match.

It soon became clear that the Belgians simply would not receive this as a gift. The home team turned it into a fierce battle, in which Jacky Matthijssen’s team indulged in a little. In a short time it was 3-2 suddenly… with yellow cards.

One of the free kicks awarded also resulted in Denmark’s opening goal. Vandevoordt misjudged his treacherous free kick in the middle of the goal (1-0). A touch for the Belgians.

Openda again the celebrant man

Fortunately, the vows wore off after the break. Captain Onana sent Openda – dealt hard for the break-in – well into the street. The Vitesse striker remained very calm and scored the equalizer. His seventh goal already during this European Championship. punishment.

Not so long later, Openda had a chance even 1-2, but he pushed it further. For the past half hour, the Belgians have kept the party in control of the adults. Only with a serious shot from O’Reilly shuddered for a while.

See you summer 2023 at the European Championship.

Belgium national team vs Denmark

Vandefordt. Secket, Pletincks, de Winter, Ndenby (46′ Matazzo); van der Brimpt, Onana (90′ Keita), Franks; Balikwisha (85′ Deman), Openda, Vertessen (85′ Kana)

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