March 2, 2024

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Beuningen is looking for a good distribution of space in rural areas

Beuningen is looking for a good distribution of space in rural areas

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Böningen – The Agricultural Action Group of Böningen organized a drinks evening last Wednesday, to which politicians from the municipality of Böningen were also invited. The administrators were able to discuss their views on the distribution of area in the countryside with the farmers. More than 30 farmers, several council members and two municipal councilors gathered in Beuningen on the Jacobs family farm. Coffee was drunk, information was exchanged and drinks were had. the approach; Good future perspective for (young) farmers.

Guest speakers during this inspiring evening were Wild Beheer Wijchen en Waal, ZLTO and Economics Advisor Alwin Stege.

There are many challenging tasks in the Beuningen outdoor and sink area, all of which require some limited space. Consider productive and inclusive agriculture, energy transition, housing, recreation, flood programme, biodiversity, nitrogen reduction and the climate challenge. Before the municipal council takes a position on the matter, the farmers want to tell their story so that policymakers can hear it. “We are fundamentally fighting for a good agricultural structure and a healthy future for our companies,” explains co-organizer Herbert Verplogen. “Therefore, at the beginning of this year, we submitted the ‘Viewpoint on Agricultural Beuningen’ document to the municipality. The farmers have already taken many steps, but they “They are still concerned. We want to engage constructively and contribute ideas about the goals and tasks that the municipality is developing for the rural area. This has a significant impact on our business operations. By exchanging ideas about this, we hope that the interests of our farmers will be properly taken into account.”

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“The input that the municipality gathers here is important,” says councilor Alwyn Steeg. “We are working on a structural vision, as part of the Environment Act. This was already set out in July. We will approach things in an integrated manner. In cooperation with the province of Gelderland, the Green City, stakeholders and the municipality of Beuningen, we want to come up with a balanced action plan regarding the design of our urban and rural area.” “During this meeting we want to meet each other, seek cooperation, explain processes and collect responses. The council can then complete and adopt the environmental vision by mid-2024. This is ultimately who decides. The evening aims to allow the council to make informed choices about the allocation of space in the area Rural areas. It can have serious consequences for further land fragmentation and permitting for land users and local residents.

Written by Janet Van Rossum