May 26, 2024

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Biden responds to Chinese accusations: "There is no new Cold War" |  Abroad

Biden responds to Chinese accusations: “There is no new Cold War” | Abroad

China last week accused the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom of “Cold War mentality” in response to the AUKUS security agreement for the three Anglo-Saxon countries. But President Joe Biden does not believe in the concept of a “Cold War,” as he will say in his speech to the United Nations on Tuesday.

Biden will emphasize alliances and “intense diplomacy,” according to an official, with global politics, he says, amounting to a contest over principles.

The three Allied leaders said the security pact should maintain the stability and security of the Southeast Asia and Pacific region. They did not explicitly mention China, but it is no secret that the great power played an important role in the decision.

France fails the bargain

France is deeply deceived by the new alliance, which has caused it to lose a contract worth 30 billion euros for the submarines it will supply to Australia. The Australians, having the necessary conflicts with China, eventually chose the US nuclear-powered submarines. France recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Canberra.

European Council President Charles Michel has accused the United States of disloyalty. He said Washington had violated “fundamental principles of transparency and trust”. The move increases efforts in Europe to work together on defense, according to the former Belgian prime minister.

try to correct

Biden announced that he would call Macron to discuss “the way forward” in a suspected attempt to make things right. He then wants to discuss deep US involvement with France, including “specific and practical measures,” according to a senior US official.

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told CNN on Monday that France had been treated “unacceptably.” “There are still many open questions to be answered.” The EU foreign ministers will discuss the matter later in New York, where they will attend the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

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