June 24, 2024

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Biden wants to continue working on a recovery plan 'like Madden',...

Biden wants to continue working on a recovery plan ‘like Madden’,…

President Joe Biden’s economic agenda faces an uncertain future in Congress after this week he failed to unite his party to enact a controversial infrastructure plan, one of his top economic priorities.

Biden is looking for money to invest in US roads, railroads, bridges and other public works: $550 billion to start a major part of the economic recovery he promised in his presidential campaign. Such an investment would yield a much-needed victory after months of setbacks.

Biden’s infrastructure proposal passed in the Senate in August, but House Democrats did not agree on the total package of $3.5 trillion. Friday’s vote was again postponed, much to the chagrin of Democrats eager to brag to their voters about the legislation ahead of the midterm elections.

Joe Bidens Rebuild betterThe plan includes a substantial investment in tangible and much greater investment in social progress, especially for women and families, and in a cleaner environment.

However, Democrats would have the majority to approve Biden’s plan – were it not for two jammers: Joe Manchin and Kirsten Senema. especially mansion He became an incredibly powerful congressman by resisting Biden’s ambitious plan. Manchin, a true Democratic businessman, believes that the $3,500 billion his party members would like to invest in a better social safety net is overstated: he doesn’t want to go further than $1,500 billion. Big hit by Biden’s account.


Because the progressive wing of Democrats threatens to blow up the smaller infrastructure bill if Manchin gets his way and halves social spending. Every domestic Biden agenda can be crushed in this poker game.

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On Saturday, the US president said he would “work like crazy” to get… Rebuild betterPlan to pass through Congress. Biden also plans to travel further to bolster US support.

On Saturday, the president acknowledged criticism that he had done little to garner support for the bills during his trips. He said there are many reasons for this, including his focus on hurricane and storm damage during recent flights.

“There is nothing in this legislation that is extreme or unreasonable,” Biden said. I will try to sell what I think the American people will want to buy.

Biden is confident that both proposals will pass, but has declined to set a deadline. “I think I can do that,” Biden said sweetly.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter to Democrats Saturday that the House must approve the infrastructure bill “well before October 31” before the Highway Funding Act expires. She said talks on social spending were continuing in the meantime. “We will agree to both proposals and we must agree to them quickly,” he added.