December 1, 2022

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Bill Gates warns of a more contagious and dangerous type of Corona virus: “The danger is not over yet”

Bill Gates warns of a more contagious and dangerous type of Corona virus: “The danger is not over yet”

The World Health Organization (WHO) needs more resources to better estimate the risk of epidemics in the future. This is what Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates said in an interview financial times† The American also asks to remain vigilant. “The risk of a more contagious and fatal variable is not over yet.”

Jay Stevens

Just before his last book came out, which How do we prevent a new epidemic?(How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, ed.). The title will be, Bill Gates looks back at the Corona pandemic and also looks forward in an interview with the newspaper financial times

The billionaire, who got rich by founding Microsoft and is now socially committed and active in philanthropy with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, argues for getting more resources for the World Health Organization (WHO). “It now employs less than a dozen people who monitor full time to make sure no new deadly viruses emerge,” he says. “And even these people are busy with other things. Epidemics are not taken seriously enough.”

Long before the outbreak of the pandemic, in a TED talk in 2015, Gates warned that the world was not ready for a pandemic. To be prepared now, he calls for a task force to map global health emergencies and coordinate countries’ response to them. According to Gates, this can include epidemiologists as well as experts who specialize in computer models.

Gates added to his speech a warning previously given by epidemiologists. “There is still a risk that the pandemic will generate a variant that is much more contagious and even more deadly than what we’ve already seen,” he says. “That’s unlikely, and I don’t want to paint a picture of death, but there is a 5 percent risk that we haven’t seen the worst of this pandemic yet.”

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