May 28, 2024

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“Bitcoin country” El Salvador has become the “Singapore of America”.

“Bitcoin country” El Salvador has become the “Singapore of America”.

In 2021, the Central American country of El Salvador became the first country in the world to introduce Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. At the time, it was not entirely clear how El Salvador’s plans would materialize. Now, two years later, it’s easy to appreciate.

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Singapore, USA

Bitcoin introduction benefits El Salvador’s growth The future of the country is bright. At least, that’s what an adviser at the big investment firm VanEck believes. According to Gabor Gurbach, El Salvador could become “the Singapore of America.”

If Gurbacs has his way, El Salvador will thrive. Not only is the introduction of Bitcoin going well, but the country’s overall economy is on the upswing, attracting investors’ attention.

“I often tell portfolio managers that El Salvador has the potential to become the Singapore of America.”

According to Gurbax. In the 1990s, Singapore experienced tremendous growth and attracted large amounts of new capital. The Asian city-state also saw significant growth in immigration during that time. We’ll see the same in El Salvador, Gurbax believes.

El Salvador abolished all taxes on technological innovations earlier this year. It is a huge catalyst for foreign investment.

“Bitcoin country” El Salvador is on the radar

Max Keizer, the well-known ‘Bitcoin maximalist’, lives in El Salvador and invites people to immigrate to El Salvador: “Move to El Salvador, country of the free.” He cites the legal status of BTC and the dollar, low crime and beautiful beaches, among others, as reasons to live in El Salvador.

Although El Salvador’s policies have long been criticized by President Nayeb Bukele, the tide appears to be slowly turning. The world is starting to realize that Bugel’s Bitcoin policy is working. This did not escape American bank JP Morgan either. The bank changed its credit rating on El Salvador’s government bonds earlier this year. 70 percent of the nation’s bonds are in the green this year.

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