February 21, 2024

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Bitcoin is under investigation, an explanation for American politicians

Bitcoin is under investigation, an explanation for American politicians

U.S. MPs may learn more about Bitcoin and the crypto market in general at next week’s hearing. Democrat Dan Bayer will chair the session. He previously proposed legislation (and regulatory and legal frameworks) for digital assets in the United States.

Hearing in Bitcoin

Now the Senate is going to continue the conversation about Bitcoin. It Joint Economic Committee, Both Republicans and Democrats from the US House of Representatives will talk to each other about the crypto market.

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At this conference they will ask professionals. The session is titled “Reducing Crypto: The Role of Digital Assets and Government” And it will take place on November 17th. As the title implies: ‘Crypto’ scams must be eliminated.

The site will be hosted by a number of industry experts. Below are some names:

  • Alexis Goldstein, Director of Monetary Policy at the Open Markets Institute.
  • Tim Mazad, former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission,
  • Kevin Verbach, director of the Digital Property Project at the Warden School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Peter von Walkenberg, Director of Currency Center Research.

The latter has already opened a book about Bitcoin. He lectured to politicians at the previous hearing, which resulted in powerful and hilarious statements.


Audience members include senators Rob Portman and Ted Cruz, who previously won Bitcoin during the turmoil surrounding the infrastructure bill.

During the discussions on this tax law, it became clear that there were many digital (or crypto) individuals. Tax requirements have been put in place to keep developers, transaction verifiers and even tip owners in trouble.

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The bill was eventually passed by the Senate House of Representatives without further clarification to crypto brokers. It is now awaiting the approval of President Joe Biden. The US president is expected to sign the bill on November 15.

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