February 27, 2024

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Blue Origin New Shepard is now back in space after her accident

Blue Origin New Shepard is now back in space after her accident

It took more than a year for Blue Origin to gain confidence in the “spaceworthiness” of its New Shepard rocket. Last night, SpaceX's rival spacecraft was successfully launched into space once again. It has been Task twenty-four From Blue Origin. However, there were no people on board, only equipment, including 33 scientific packages from NASA and 38,000 cards from the Postcards to Space project. These cards were not delivered into space, but were returned to Earth. Here they go now “returned to sender” with a “flew into space” stamp.

Another successful Blue Origin mission more than a year later

After a short flight that took the New Origin rocket to an altitude of about 107 kilometers, the rocket was guided back to Earth. It also went as planned, so the rocket and the New Shepard capsule landed at the designated locations, just eight minutes after launch. As with the September 2022 crash, this short mission was of course captured entirely on video. Fans can watch it below. It lasts more than 40 minutes, but begins approximately 30 seconds before takeoff.

The botched launch was extensively investigated

The doubts surfaced more than a year ago, when he was 23, of all thingsH The launch went completely wrong and the missile turned into a fortunately unmanned flare one minute after launch. It seems that the cause was quickly found: a fuel leak. However, the entire investigation into exactly what went wrong – such as the cause of the leak – took more than a year.

It is not known when Blue Origin plans to send people on New Shepard missions again. Now that Musk and Bezos have actually traveled to space, the novelty seems to have worn off for a while. The men have been participating in the “Billionaire Space Race” for years, but were beaten at the last minute by fellow billionaire Richard Branson.

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