April 21, 2024

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BNP plans to sell Paribas US subsidiary

BNP Paribas, a French bank, wants to withdraw from the US retail market by selling its subsidiary Bank of the West, with the Belgian government as its largest shareholder. This will bring the bank 13 billion euros.

With a balance sheet of over € 83 billion, Bank of the West is BNP Paribas’ flagship operation with 9,000 employees and 1.8 million customers in 20 US states.

Outside Europe.

13 billion

Asking price

BNP will set a price target of ில்லியன் 13 billion on Paribas Bank of the West.

But according to Reuters news agency, BNP Paribas wants to leave the United States because the French bank cannot compete with the biggest and best capital competitors in that market. J.P. The Group has prepared the investment bankers of Morgan and Goldman Sachs for sale in the Bank of the West.

The bankers set a price tag of $ 15 billion and transferred about ில்லியன் 13 billion to the bank. Reuters says it’s not sure if it’s really for sale.

The end of the era

The sale of the West Bank marks the end of an era. BNP Paribas acquired the 147-year-old bank in 1979. But if he could sell Bank of the West, BNP Paribas CEO Jean-Laurent Bonnafé would have more resources to expand his foothold in Europe. BNP Paribas is already the largest bank in the Eurozone. But it must maintain that position as the European Central Bank pushes for more mergers and acquisitions in the European banking sector.

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The sale will provide BNP Paribas CEO Jean-Laurent Bonnafe with additional resources to expand its footprint in Europe.

Selling West Bank is not easy because the time is not right for BNP Paribas. US President Joe Biden wants stricter controls on mergers and acquisitions in the US banking sector. At the same time, there is a power vacuum in the US Federal Reserve. Randall Quarles, who is in charge of overseeing the Federal Reserve, announced last week that he was leaving at the end of December. It is also unclear whether Jerome Powell will run for a second term as central bank chairman.