July 16, 2024

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Boris Johnson has lost his credibility again, this time about an article about his wife who has miraculously disappeared

Boris Johnson has lost his credibility again, this time about an article about his wife who has miraculously disappeared

in times Veteran Westminster correspondent Simon Walters wrote that during his tenure as Secretary of State, Johnson had planned to give his then-mistress Carrie Symonds (now wife Carrie Johnson) a senior position. He wanted to make her the chief of staff in his department. A similar suggestion was made earlier this year in Michael Ashcroft’s controversial book on “The First Lady.” But posting in timestraditionally an enterprise newspaper, gave it extra weight.

The story appeared in the first edition, but not in subsequent editions. Also digital subscribers times The story can no longer be found, neither on the site nor in the archive.

Later it turns out that the mentor first daily mail I got close, but this Johnson-friendly newspaper let the news pass. Then the amount went totimes Has stepped up. Once times wrote about him, Mail To report it on their website. also Watchman Run away with the story.


The Johnson family has vehemently denied the hurtful story, but it fits with the hint of favoritism that hangs over the prime minister’s political career. As mayor, he is said to have awarded important IT contracts to an American businesswoman, Jennifer Arcuri, with whom he was in a relationship. Johnson also gave his brother Joe a position within his government. It is known that the Prime Minister prefers to work with good acquaintances and close people.

Johnson was married to Marina Wheeler during his tenure as Secretary of State, but had an affair with Symonds, who served as a spokesman for the Conservative Party. Wheeler divorced in 2020 and married Symonds one year later, 24 years his junior. He now has two children with her. Johnson’s wife is known to play an important political role behind the scenes, especially when hiring and firing staff.

Rumors abounded over the weekend. Did Downing Street secretly file an emergency lawsuit against the newspaper? Or was there a phone call to editor-in-chief John Witherow or owner Rupert Murdoch? Carrie has friends in important places in the press. On Monday, Downing Street announced that there had indeed been contact with the newspaper, but that the Johnson family were not involved. Johnson was visiting Kyiv when times Publish the story. Journalist Simon Walters said he still stands behind his story. The last word has yet to be said for ‘Carriegate’.

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