June 9, 2023

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Borouge has a plan ready for what it wants the city to look like in 2050

Borouge has a plan ready for what it wants the city to look like in 2050

The plan is a translation of the Flemish concrete stop or masonry turn. It must ensure that public spaces in the city are used as efficiently as possible. Alderman Spatial Planning Alderman Frankie Dimon: “We want to work with the plans. When people or schools or businesses apply for a building permit, we want to do it with a structured plan. And that plan is now ready. We’re doing a public inquiry and listening to people to make any adjustments.” “.

The year 2050 is still a long way off

For example, the plan states that the area not intended for construction should remain that way. So they have to be built closer to each other. “I’m thinking in the heart of the city, I’m thinking of Sint-Andries, Sint-Michiels where we should be able to build a little closer, but other things as far north as Dudzele and Lissewege but also as far away as Assebroek, where the plan says we can’t become More intense “.

There is also room for development in the future plan. To this end, the city is looking at the station area, Zeebrugge and the (simulated) Lanssens site in the dock area. The spatial policy plan will be presented to all citizens of Bruges in information moments and can still be modified, because the year 2050 is still a long way off.

“2050 seems far away, but we want to give business a chance in our city. It can sometimes take many years to develop everything. So it’s good to have a plan. Flanders asks and Bruges will be ready.”

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