February 5, 2023

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Boss Wagner again criticizes Moscow: “Many people in the Kremlin secretly hope that Russia will lose as soon as possible” | Ukraine and Russia war

to updateWagner’s boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, says associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin are “traitors”. “They pretend to be on Putin’s path, but in reality they are disrupting the course of the war and waiting for a quick end to serve the United States if Russia is defeated,” he claims. Prigozhin also asked Russia to ban the video platform YouTube – in his words: “the information plague of our time”.


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Reuters, Belga, DeMorgen, Special Reports

Still having YouTube available in Russia is a great thing, given that the Kremlin has banned much of the social media in recent months. For example, Russians have not been able to publicly use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since March. The Russian regime has repeatedly filed lawsuits against YouTube, which has more than 90 million monthly Russian users, for spreading “disinformation”. Head of Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin He claims that 40 percent of YouTube videos are “politicized and anti-Russian”.

A ban may not be forthcoming because there is no Russian alternative to YouTube, as there are many other social media. But according to Prigozhin, YouTube remains accessible to opponents of the Putin regime. He expressed his suspicions that “many people inside the Kremlin secretly hope that Russia will lose the war as soon as possible so that American influence in Russia will increase again.” Wagner’s boss said, “Anyone who opposes closing YouTube is a traitor to his country and people.”

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The conflict between the Wagner Group and Moscow erupted openly last Friday when Prigozhin was alarmed by a statement by the Russian Defense Ministry regarding the capture of the city of Solidar in the Donetsk region. And she did not say a word about Wagner, while the successes, according to Prigozhin, were in the name of the group. Later, the ministry issued a new statement praising the fighters of the mercenary group.

He. She Meanwhile, the Kremlin denied reports of a conflict between the Russian Defense Ministry and the private mercenary group Wagner.. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, this is a media fabrication.

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