December 6, 2023

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Brabant people enjoy real shopping again

Brabant people enjoy real shopping again

Enjoyed the opportunity to physically shop again in the old towns of Brabant on Saturday. Nonessential stores welcomed shoppers on Saturday and some entrepreneurs opened their stores in protest.

In Breda they chose to keep the catering industry closed, but in Eindhoven several stands were occupied. The people of Den Bosch took to the balcony and there was also a lot of activity in the center of Tilburg.

Be careful on the Bossche balcony
All these visitors created a lively atmosphere in the inner cities. With a cocktail or glass of wine in hand, Korte Putstraat in Den Bosch was full of clients who wanted to show their support for the catering industry. About half of all restaurant entrepreneurs have opened their businesses there. Most of the customers remained wary due to the high infection rate.

So many people would have preferred an outdoor place, because it feels more safe despite the cold. A hot drink helped her a lot.

Opening non-essential stores
Shop lovers were delighted with the shops of the Kerkstraat in Den Bosch. They recorded some new clothes for themselves or the children.

The public in Tilburg had plenty of space, only a few terraces at Korte Heuvel were open and they were immediately full.

The number of visitors in the inner cities of Brabant remained within limits and did not ultimately lead to any problems.

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