April 17, 2024

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Brad Pitt will venture into space in the sci-fi film Ad Astra

Brad Pitt will venture into space in the sci-fi film Ad Astra

In a science fiction movie Ad Astra Brad Pitt goes looking for his missing father in space.

Science fiction is a genre you should enjoy, as many films revolve primarily around action and special effects. But what do the filmmakers really want to say about life in the future? The best science fiction films ask big philosophical questions about life.

Ad Astra

This first happened in a Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A space journey And in recent years also in films such as gravity And Interstellar. also Ad Astra Fits this list.

In this film, Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) goes to Neptune to see if his father (Tommy Lee Jones), who was there on a mission thirty years ago, is responsible for a strange phenomenon that is causing a dangerous situation on Earth.

Dutch photographer Hoyt van Hoytema made sure the photos looked great.

Tommy Lee Jones

Ad Astra He is It's not the first film in which Tommy Lee Jones plays an old astronaut. He already did so in 2000 Space cowboy. In fact, he's wearing the same spacesuit here as in this movie. There was only one small modification made to this suit: patches with logos on them. in Space cowboy Jones had the NASA logo on his shoulders Ad Astra They are Space Comm badges.

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