May 26, 2024

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Brand Fryslân from Leeuwarden wants Fryslân to lead the way in working abroad

Brand Fryslân from Leeuwarden wants Fryslân to lead the way in working abroad

Yvonne Holmann of Merk Fryslân works overseas © Omrop Fryslân, Geartsje de Vries

Outdoor work is fine. According to scientific research, it makes people more creative and productive. They have more energy when they are working outside. Merk Fryslân, the Fryslân promotion organisation, wants Fryslân to be the leader in outdoor work.

Merk Fryslân employees also work abroad frequently. The inner garden has been transformed into a real office garden, with plenty of green space and a number of workshops. Yvonne Holman notes that this works for her. “I have more energy and I’m really more creative when I’m working outside.”

More outdoor work space
She wants to make sure there are more outdoor workplaces in Fryslân and that companies from inside and outside Fryslân come here for a team building or brainstorming session, for example.

Yvonne Holman © Omrop Fryslân, Geartsje de Vries

In fact, working outside is nothing more than including that “outside” in your work day. The outside can be an attractive place to make phone calls, for example. A big plus is that you also move with it. This is good for your health. Getting outside every day stimulates the brain, you can think better, be more creative, and become more productive.

Merk Fryslân has developed a “toolkit” that encourages working abroad. It includes a tripod on which the laptop can be placed. Sunscreens can be placed around the laptop so the screen is clear to read.

Robert Hoekstra from Brandmerck
© Omrop Fryslân, Geartsje de Vries

another mentality
Internet marketing company Brandmerck at Sneek has incorporated outdoor work into its corporate association since the beginning of this year. According to manager Robert Hoekstra, this required a different “mindset” than his people.
“We started it in February. In the winter it doesn’t make a lot of sense for most people to go outside. But we want to continue that, because it definitely has advantages for people who have a creative career.”
He hopes that the overseas business will be fully accepted within a year or two and that his company will also have good facilities to do so.

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Andele Zijlstra, Member of the Board of Directors of Nieuw Allardsoog
© Omrop Fryslân, Geartsje de Vries

The Nieuw Allardsoog Convention Center near Bakkeveen presents itself as an outdoor worksite. There are benches in nature and in bad weather you can opt for a covered porch with a fire pit.
Andele Zijlstra, one of the board members of Nieuw Allardsoog, wants to make it easier to work outdoors. I noticed that the demand for it increases after the Corona period.
“We are located in a beautiful natural setting where you can walk and hear the birds and where the sheep and ponies roam. We like to share that. The company can of course take a seat in a conference room for a meeting, but we can also offer them a seat in the trees.”

Bernard Marsing © Own Image

Psychologist Bernard Marsing is a strong proponent of working abroad. According to him, there are many scientific studies that show that this has positive effects.
The difference in temperature plays a role, because more heat and cold lead to genetic changes. Simply put: cells start to function differently and that makes you healthier and fitter in the long run. Moreover, research shows that people who work outdoors also move This ensures that your brain works better.”

Gardening helps treat depression as well as antidepressants
According to the psychologist, working outside has several basic physiological effects. “Gardening helps with depression just as much as antidepressants. Being outside and working outside is very basic to being human. And there are reasons on all sides to think it is wise to do so.”
Maarsinghe himself sometimes goes abroad to work. However, it doesn’t really feel like business: “If I go out with a patient and do a walk-through consultation, it’s good for the patient and also for me as a therapist. In fact, I think it’s very good for therapy as ‘business.'”

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Laptop on the tree and working outside © Omrop Fryslân, Geartsje de Vries
Maarsinghe concludes his plea to work abroad with: “In the long run it’s cheaper for the employer. Because your employee is fitter, healthier and more productive.”