June 20, 2024

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Brand new tiny house for auction.  Will this be your place in the future?

Brand new tiny house for auction. Will this be your place in the future?

It’s warm and a lot

As soon as you enter you see the sitting area in the living room immediately and feel the warm atmosphere created by the use of dark color on the wall. There is a corner sofa and a coffee table with a view of the wood-burning stove. There is also a window on the side that can be opened.

mobile kitchen

To the left of the sitting area you enter the kitchen. There are two L-shaped kitchen units, one of them is movable. This keeps the central space open, but there is enough storage space. Shelves above the kitchen units also provide additional storage space.

Above the sink and stoves there are two windows that can be opened for ventilation. To complement the kitchen, a sensible dining table has been placed here.

Cozy bedroom

A escalator in the kitchen leads to the loft and the first bedroom. The sleeping space is a bit cramped due to the low ceiling height. However, there is still plenty of space at the end of the bed to put clothes or build a closet.

Extra storage room

Behind the kitchen, you enter a corridor, where you have a wall cabinet with shelves on the right. On the left there is a sleeping area for two children, for example. This can be closed with a curtain. The room is furnished with a loft bed and a baby cot.

At the back of the cottage there is a bathroom behind a farmhouse door. The space is equipped with a composting toilet, a shower room and a sink with a mirror.

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