December 1, 2023

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Breathtaking photos of Earth were captured from above, even from the International Space Station

Breathtaking photos of Earth were captured from above, even from the International Space Station

NASA astronauts He regularly shares beautiful photos of Earth from space. However, a recent series of images taken from even higher orbit than the International Space Station (ISS) paint an even more surprising view of planet Earth.

as i saw it digital trendsThe images shared earlier this month for the world’s first entirely civilian space mission aboard SpaceX’s Inspiration4 are nothing short of stunning.

“When you look up at the sky, you dream of being among the stars. When you are in the stars and you look down, you dream of being back on Earth,” said crew member Chris Simbrowski.

The crew of the Crew Dragon spacecraft have already shared a slew of images from their time in orbit, but this new set of images is the first ever taken with a professional camera system, providing a whole new level of detail and visibility. The images were taken through the spacecraft’s new glass dome as the Inspiration4 spacecraft orbited at an altitude of 575 kilometers, making it about 100 miles from our planet from the International Space Station.

The glass dome provided the crew with a panoramic view of the planet, allowing it to take some amazing photos during its time in orbit. SpaceX even posted a photo of Sembroski taking some shots over the dome.

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According to Jared Isaacman, campaign leader, the team took nearly 700 photos with the crew Nikon DSLR System will be shared in the coming weeks Inspiration4 Twitter account employment flickr.

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Image credits: Photos by Inspiration4 crew via creative commons.