June 18, 2024

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Brendan Fraser on the canceled Batgirl movie: 'It's tragic' |  showbiz

Brendan Fraser on the canceled Batgirl movie: ‘It’s tragic’ | showbiz

MovieBrendan Fraser, 53, is currently playing Charlie in the critically acclaimed drama The Whale. And that wasn’t the only stellar role he could land. He also portrayed “Firefly” in the movie “Batgirl”. In August, Warner Bros. The company announced the cancellation of the movie Super Hero, directed by Belgian directors Adel Elaraby (34) and Bilal Falah (36). In an interview with Variety, the actor first responds to the emotional news. “This does not inspire confidence in the filmmakers and the studio,” he says disappointedly.

Fraser spent months in Glasgow, Scotland, recording Batgirl. He played “Firefly”, the enemy of “Batgirl”, played by Leslie Grace. So Fraser feels his heart out because no one is going to see the movie. “It is tragic. It does not inspire confidence in the filmmakers and the studio.”

“Leslie Grace was amazing. She is just a perfect actress. Everything that Adel and Bilal filmed was real and sexy,” continues Fraser. They had fire engines going through downtown Glasgow at 3 am and they had flamethrowers. It was a big budget movie, but it focused on the basics.” The actor also reveals that the Belgian duo of director Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah had made an initial version of the superhero movie, but they are still working on the final version. “I haven’t seen the footage yet,” said Fraser. “.

Warner Bros. was selected. Getting rid of the film was a strategic choice for the new administration. The film studio has decided it does not want to spend €90 million on a movie that will only be shown on the HBO Max streaming platform. They also didn’t think the Batgirl movie was commercial enough for cinema.

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