March 4, 2024

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Broker and Online Auction Platform to Sell Real Estate Together |  living.

Broker and Online Auction Platform to Sell Real Estate Together | living.

alive.From now on, Dewaele Vastgoedgroep and auction platform Troostwijk will sell properties together. This mainly concerns buildings – from residential to industrial – from bankruptcies, bank repossessions or government contracts. “This would lead to more accurate pricing.”

The joint venture between an online auction house and a real estate broker is unique in our country. From now on, Dewaele – the largest independent real estate group in our country – wants to be there not only for private home hunters, companies or investors, but also specifically for trustees, officials, banks and local authorities. Troostwijk has long experience with this target group and has an extensive network.

“Because of the necessary judicial mandate, the sale of real estate from bankruptcy or bank foreclosure is often accompanied by a bidding procedure, which often leads to a notary. But he does not always have the technical and business knowledge necessary to “market” this type of real estate, nor does he have A network of potential potential buyers. As a result, the right price for the property is not always achieved. Our collaboration combines commercial real estate knowledge with defining sales procedures through a bidding platform,” says Sofie Spriet of Dewaele Vastgoedgroep.

Troostwijk is the market leader in real estate auctioning in the Netherlands – through BVA Auctions. Voluntary sales and sales under management are also possible. With Sold and Set, Dewaele already has an online auction platform.