May 21, 2024

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“Buenas sensaciones”: voetbalplezier druipt er weer vanaf bij Eden Hazard

“Buenas sensaciones”: the fun of football is dripping again…

Main place number one and immediately the first hat-trick. Before the match against Alaves, Eden Hazard (30) was impressed by his physical preparation. During the match with his dribbling and assisting Karim Benzema. And then an interview in fluent Spanish. That’s why they take off the sombrero in Madrid.

Yan Boscamp had already seen him from his seat for a long time. “He lost his ass,” the Dutchman said in an interview with our newspaper last week. Boskamp’s way of explaining that Eden Hazard looked remarkably sharp in preparation. And it must be said: The contrast with Hazard’s first summer with Real Madrid, when he arrived in Madrid with a clear belly, was fantastic.

This summer is different. In the last preparatory match royalist However, Hazard was not the choice against AC Milan. They were worried for a moment in Spain: Are there no new infections? But against Alaves was EH7 Only with her. Right at the base up. The Spanish media also saw how remarkably fit Hazard looked when he returned. Too busy. Football passion is gone.

Photo: Reuters

Bale Benzema Hazard

Just like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid don’t have a lot of money these days. Apart from David Alaba, the Austrian who was named a free player from Bayern Munich, the club has not made any incoming transfer deal this summer. Alternative: Reviving old collectibles. So Real Madrid started against Alaves at the base with Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard and … Gareth Bale, in recent years in Madrid more often on the golf course than on the football field. Carlo Ancelotti wants to bring out the best in the Welshman again.

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Bale did not perform badly against Alaves, but the relationship between the Frenchman and the Belgian was particularly notable. It was also noted in Hazard’s first matches in Madrid that the two got along very well. So it’s no coincidence that Hazard’s 0-1 against Alaves came after a pass from Hazard – a great ball behind the supporting leg – to Benzema.

Hazard was allowed to rest from Ancelotti after 65 minutes, and caution is still required. Benzema also crowned himself the best player of the match with a second goal. Thibaut Courtois scored Alaves’ only goal with a penalty kick. No disaster with a 1-4 win.


“good feelings”

Hazard has not only impressed Alaves with his physical preparation and impressive assist. Even after the match he opened a number of mouths in astonishment. Real Madrid’s Belgian Spanish – “En perfecto castellano”, has obviously improved significantly. He speaks fluent Spanish, with a slight French accent, about his language good feelings. Hazard has a good feeling. “I’ve got an ankle (The injury he has suffered in recent years, ed.). Red Devil said. “The feeling is good. Also for the team. If we work well together, I really believe we can achieve great things this year.”

As in previous years, the name Kylian Mbappé is again spreading in Madrid. Will make no doubt royalist In the last weeks of the Mercato, one (or more) acquisitions arrived. But if Real Madrid manages to keep Hazard fit and continues to grow, he will already get his first transfer.