May 26, 2024

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Burger King conducts pre-opening testing at Michael’s Prowl: “Crash testing to see if everything runs smoothly” (Michelen)

Burger King conducts pre-opening testing at Michael’s Prowl: “Crash testing to see if everything runs smoothly” (Michelen)


The new Burger King restaurant in De Bruul in Mechelen will open its doors to the public on Wednesday, March 15th. everything is ready. To ensure everything runs smoothly, the restaurant will run a closed door test on Monday. “We always do crash-tests like this, but we totally trust him,” says Bieke Van de Brandt, the independent operator of the hamburger restaurant.

With the opening of Burger King, there is once again a hamburger on Mechelen’s most famous shopping street for the first time in a long time. Franchisee Bieke Van den Brandt already operates several fast food restaurants in the province of Antwerp. Mechelen Burger King is its second after the Liersebaan branch in Zandhoven.

“I myself come from Kasterlee and Mechelen is new to me, but I’m looking forward to it. Bruul’s charm is known, of course, to shoppers. We expect many passers-by to find their way to our restaurant, especially students. On Saturdays, we count on visitors to the weekly market, ”says Becky Van den Brandt.

132 seats

The brand new restaurant, once a United Brands sports store, can seat 132 customers. “We work with eight digital screens for ordering, but we bring service to the table. It’s also nice to have two of our Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. With just a few taps of the screen, you can combine more than a hundred flavors in your soft drink,” he says. Beck.

Where United Brands used to be, you’ll find Burger King from Wednesdays.© Dirk Vertomen

For her, the restaurant in Mechelen is the first of its kind in the city centre. “When we were asked to invest here, I didn’t hesitate for a long time. At first I didn’t know that this would become a driverless site. This requires a slightly different organization. For example, we focus on home delivery in the evening, ”explains Becky.

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Sixty employees

Burger King Mechelen has about sixty people, twenty employees and about forty students. “There is no doubt that our beloved Whopper will also glide smoothly over the counter at Maneblussers. Our team is really eager to serve customers to their liking and calls,” says Bieke.

On Monday, the restaurant will hold a closed-door test. “We then organize a crash test to see if everything runs smoothly, from launching dial screens to controls,” says Bieke. One hundred duets can apply for this, but registrations are over.

There are eight digital screens from which you can order the well-known Whopper, among other things.© Dirk Vertomen

Burger King at Bruul 97 in Mechelen will open its doors on Wednesday, March 15th. The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 am to 10 pm, on Friday and Saturday until 11 pm. “We are very much looking forward to welcoming our first clients to this unique location.”

This completes the complex, which was built specifically for the Media Markt company. But for a short while, because Decathlon will be closing its sports store at the end of this month. Then another large retail space will be available in the building.

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