February 27, 2024

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Buying an Apple Vision Pro isn't about clicking and paying

Buying an Apple Vision Pro isn't about clicking and paying

Apple Vision Pro will go on sale soon, and this means a new era for Apple: augmented and virtual reality glasses are a completely new field for the company. But it's also new for customers: even checking out isn't just double-clicking and paying, like you're used to when shopping online.

In the article on how to buy an Apple Vision Pro in the Netherlands, we go into more detail about how to obtain the device from the Netherlands. There are indeed all kinds of hurdles, but getting the device isn't a very simple process for Americans either. You need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID, as well as a valid prescription for optical extensions for people who normally wear glasses or contacts.

Face ID required

In an email about pre-ordering the device, Apple said: “If you order Apple Vision Pro, you will need to scan your face with your iPhone or iPad using Face ID. This helps us determine the right size for the Light Seal and headbands, which work together to give you a precise fit. The Solo Knit Strap and Double Loop Strap are included with the headset. Additionally, upon request, Apple will request information from your eye care professional or physician before ordering prescription lenses. This applies only to the Americans: it is not known how this will work if it reaches Europe, for example.

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To find out which Apple Vision Pro size is best for you suit (or actually: babysitting), you can do a facial scan. To perform this scan, you need the latest version of the Apple Store app, which has been available since January 11. This way you will know that you are not buying a device that you cannot use properly in the end.

Pre-order Apple Vision Pro

So there's a lot of additional information Apple needs before you can order the Vision Pro. So it makes sense that Apple would already be preparing people for this by passing on this information. The headset will launch in the US on February 2. You can pre-order starting January 19, paying $3,499 for the 256GB version.

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