February 28, 2024

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Cameren's ISO-Horti inventors now also offer in USA

Cameren's ISO-Horti inventors now also offer in USA

Cameron/New Jersey – ISO-Horti Inventor machines from Cameron are found all over the world. One of the companies using the services of ISO – Horti Innovators is the American Holland Ridge Farms.

This is a special view; In the large fields full of flowers, people take lots of photos and take tulips. No, we're not talking about Keukenhof or one of the great bulb fields of the West, but America.

In the state of New Jersey — a 45-minute drive from New York City — you'll find owner Casey Johnson Jr.'s Holland Ridge Farms site. Visitors pay an entrance fee to enter the grounds and pick a tulip. During the months when the tulips are not in bloom, Johnson sells surprise boxes of flowers on her own webshop.

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This would turn out to be a huge gap in the market, but for this Johnson needed the help of the Bommelerwaard company; ISO – Horti Inventors of Cameron. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has specialized in robots and machines that can be used in horticulture. ISO bulb planting system (Pulp Plant System, ed.) Johnson uses. The system sees precisely where the tulip bulbs are and where the 'drop' (where the tulip should appear, ed.) is, and places the bulbs – almost all of them – correctly in a punching container.

According to Raymond van den Bergh, international sales manager at ISO – Horti Innovators, this saves Johnson a lot of manpower: “Two people can operate the machine; one who checks the machine and one who checks if a ball is faulty. Thanks to this machine, 34,500 to 36,000 bulbs per hour can be produced. are processed, while you can manually process 1,500 to 2,000 per hour.

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The machine – installed at a location in the US itself by ISO – is now in full use, so anyone who wants to can pick tulips back to their heart's content next spring. “This is the first company in America to work with our machines, so it was very exciting for Casey and us when he went on board.”

ISO machines are located in 22 countries, mainly in Europe and North America, South America, Japan, Australia and China. The company now has nearly 120 employees, 80 to 85 percent of whom (originally) come from Bommelerwaard or nearby, says van den Berg. ISO is still looking for new employees.

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