May 28, 2024

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Camila Valjeeva, who was caught in the act, gets permission to skate for free tomorrow |  Winter Games

Camila Valjeeva, who was caught in the act, gets permission to skate for free tomorrow | Winter Games

Although the positive doping test of Camila Valjeeva precedes the European Championship, so more than a month ago, the athlete received only bad news during the Winter Games due to the delay in the doping laboratory.

Valijeva had already won the gold with the Russian team at that time, but the medal ceremony was always postponed. Her participation in the singles competition was also hanging by a thread. Since the IOC itself did not know what to do, the TAS was asked to issue a verdict.

A day before the short freestyle swim, the TAS committee decided that Valijeva could participate. “We don’t want to impose a temporary suspension on it,” said Matthew Reeb, general manager of TAS.

Rip cites several reasons for this decision. What spoke in favor of Valijeva is her young age (15 years). In addition, the Doping Regulations state that a temporary suspension may not be communicated in order to protect the athlete.

“If we didn’t let her participate, it would have caused irreparable harm. For example, we might now impose a temporary suspension, but at the end of the day she will be acquitted or only a reduced sentence given. That’s why we can now grant her no suspension.”

TAS also did not want to comment on whether or not Russia will take the gold in the team competition. “That is subject to a final judgment in this case, which will come anyway.”

Kamila Valijeva has just over 24 hours to prepare for the short technical figure skating. It’s usually an all-time favorite for gold, but how much has this thing mentally ruined the 15-year-old Russian? We will know the answer tomorrow after 3 pm.

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If Valijeva actually wins a medal (we’ll know it’s on Thursday after the freestyle), that’s subject to change anyway, just like the gold she’s already won in the team competition. In the event of a possible final suspension, Valijeva could lose her medal(s).