December 8, 2023

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‘Can I kiss you’ encourages health care workers » Kennemerhart

‘Can I kiss you’ encourages health care workers » Kennemerhart

Last week the play May I Kiss You was held in Kennemerland. More than 300 Kenmerhart employees attended the free presentation, which was specially prepared for everyone who works at VVT. Because it’s clear that health care is changing. But how is this done in practice?

Can I Kiss You is about (the future of) elder care and tells the story of documentary filmmaker Leckie, who struggles with her role as informal caregiver for her father, who has Alzheimer’s disease. The common denominator is the experience of all participants in aged care, the choices and dilemmas, the technology of care, the rapidly increasing demand for care and the shortage of care. The impressive performance, with beautiful decor and professional actors, shows that elderly care is something that concerns us all and reflects our shared responsibility for changing it.

The audience, including many healthcare workers from our regional colleagues Zorgbalance and Sint Jakob, was enthusiastic. Some of the responses were “Inspiring, Known, Touching”, “I didn’t want to miss that” and “This just came along”. Afterwards, visitors to the show talk to each other. Thanks to the theater makers Radio Kootwijk who created the show in collaboration with A+O VVT.

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