June 5, 2023

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Caroline van der Plaas (BBB) ​​says she has no ambitions to become the Netherlands’ prime minister, ‘but never say never’ | outside

“Controlling this role that I have as party leader and Member of Parliament, I think this is just a very nice role that suits me well,” says van der Plaas. She has a few “very good people” who “could do it” if the BBB becomes the largest in the next parliamentary elections and enters government. Whether they want it is another matter.

“This may sound a bit strange, but I have nothing to do with this kind of thing,” the BBB leader said after seeing pictures of Mark Rutte welcoming French President Emmanuel Macron in a friendly manner in The Hague in January. “If you’re prime minister, you have to talk to all these people, wave, smile for the camera,” she sighs.

According to a poll by Maurice de Hond released on Sunday, the BBB would become the largest party by a large margin if parliamentary elections were held today. In response to this poll, Van der Plaas said he was “definitely” ready for elections should the government fall.

look. Mark Rutte: “I want to congratulate Caroline van der Plas”

Van der Plaas says that immediately after the 2021 parliamentary elections, she began preparing an “aggregate list” of people who could enter the House of Representatives on behalf of the BBB. She is confident that she can come up with a good list, after putting in a lot of effort to do so for the county council and senate elections.

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