March 5, 2024

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CDA and BBB in Friesland want more options for room-by-room plans |

CDA and BBB in Friesland want more options for room-by-room plans |

The CDA and BBB factions in Friesland want to know from the council(s) what the province will do to make the space-by-space initiative in Rotival (France) possible, in close consultation with the municipality of Smollingerland.

In addition, they would also like to see a list of other initiatives where similar issues arise. Factions would like to hear about the overall room arrangement as it is refined. For example, factions would like to enable the construction of multiple houses in a retrofitted building in the current location.

Poultry houses

Last week, local media paid attention to the “Space by Space” initiative in Rotival (France). The old poultry houses will be replaced with four houses. The municipality of Smollingerland is enthusiastic, partly because it's better for the look of the village. But according to the county, there will only be a maximum of two homes and the plan will not be sufficiently connected to the existing Roteval village centre. “The province’s position has raised a number of questions among the CDA and BBB factions about this initiative and the chamber-by-chamber arrangement in general,” the CDA in Friesland Now writes.

Area after area, meaning the demolition of agricultural buildings, for every 1000 m22 If the stables disappear, a house may be rebuilt adjacent to the existing buildings. In Frieslan, this regulation is based on the “Romte 2014” and environmental regulations. According to the CDA and BBB, this provides opportunities for small-scale initiatives to create additional homes in smaller communities that match the size of the village. CDA: 'While at the same time doing something about the degradation of the landscape by demolishing vacant stables. This requires a cooperative stance from the province.

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