December 8, 2023

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Check - The Pfizer vaccine is definitely approved in the United States

Check – The Pfizer vaccine is definitely approved in the United States

The association of those results left some confused. The confusion was further exacerbated by an interview in the online war room “Battle Room” Steve BannonFormer Communications Adviser to former President Donald Trump. On August 24, a day after the Pfizer vaccine was approved, Dr. Bonan was interviewed Robert MaloneA virologist working on RNA vaccine research in the late 1980s.

Malone calls himself the “inventor of the MRNA vaccine.” Although his contribution to the development of technology is well established, that claim is contradictory Excess. Of particular note is the fact that, despite his past, Malone elevated himself in the current corona crisis as a staunch critic of the MRNA vaccines currently in use, as did Pfizer and Moderna.

In Pannon’s podcast, Malone said the approved vaccine would not be the current Pfizer vaccine, but “Komranati, Another product developed by Bioendech. In addition, Malone added that even after the Comintern’s approval, Pfizer will continue to distribute its “old” vaccine so that people will not be liable for lawsuits they want to bring against the manufacturer.

It is nothing but true.

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